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Welcome to the one and only War Hostel.

We are a small hostel, but very unique. Our hostel is famous! Look us up, there are a lot of articles about us, we even made it to the front page of the New York Times in print and online. BBC covered us as well, as well as Al Jazeera, AJ+, Associated Press, Daily Mail, Fox News, German ZDF, many documentaries, even a few celebrities visited us as well and much more.



This is NOT a normal hostel.

This is a unique learning experience run by actual war survivors in the same home where they survived the war (1992-1995 Bosnian War, Siege of Sarajevo 4 years or 1425 days and nights). Your choice is very simple actually, if you want something different, if you want to learn and educate yourself about the war while staying in something like a time machine or war museum where you can sleep, (while having all modern amenities and with additional interesting and unique war simulations and activities) then this is for you! If you seek the usual party hostel and want to explore the city more then the actual hostel and our activities, go out partying and stuff, then sorry, this place is not for you and it’s for the best if you skip us. We just want to be as clear as possible with you, so you don’t waste your time, so please do not come here if you are not interested in our hostel, our story and what we provide and if you are not interested in meeting us and learning about the war.

This place is something else.

The War Hostel is an experience which clearly stands out and it’s something you will remember forever.

And just to be clear, if you expect comfort, this is not the place for you. (Take a look at the photos) This place is not about comfort, but about the unique experience which only can be seen here and nowhere else in the world.

Clear as day.

Check in starts from 12:00 p.m.

Check out is at 10:00 a.m.

2 nights minimum

The actual description:

Meet a family which survived the war in Sarajevo (1992 - 1995) for 1425 days and nights of war and stay in a “hostel” designed to take you back in time where you can see for yourself (a tiny bit) what it was like to be in Sarajevo during the war, without any danger of course and without loosing any of the modern amenities like internet, wifi, electricity, lockers, heating in cold days/winter, hot showers which you can lock for privacy, running water, a clean bathroom, common room etc. There’s a lot of stuff to do like optional survival activities, unique war tours and more. Staying here is really something different, the closest thing to it would be something like staying in a war museum where you get to meet the people who survived the war and learn about the war directly from them by asking them any questions you want. We survived the war in the house where now the War Hostel is located, so that makes it even more unique.

Love reading? Our hostel has a lot of war newspaper articles where you can read many stories from the war.

Love museums? You are staying in the closest thing to one. Our hostel is decorated with many war artifacts for you to explore and learn about. As an additional bonus feature, you can visit our War Museum which is separate from the War Hostel, 1 minute away and free of charge. It’s open each day to the public.

Tired of seeing blank white walls and tired of the same old wooden squeaky bunks beds? Every wall in the War Hostel is decorated with either an article or war artifact. As for the bed, you will sleep on an emergency metal frame bomb shelter bunk bed sent to Bosnia during the war as humanitarian aid (take a look at the images for a better idea of what it looks like). You will cover yourself with wartime blankets. The blankets are your cover, sheet and pillow, same ones people used in bomb shelters to cover themselves during the siege in Sarajevo. The beds are separated by a gray sheet which acts like a tight makeshift curtain, this is the same way people separated the beds during the war. To be honest the beds could be used as a museum display piece, same with the blankets. Take a look on one of the photos you will see that the beds were manufactured in 1992, the year when the war started here in Bosnia. It is a privilege to have the chance to sleep on them.

Every night we hold a war simulation where the lights can't be turned on (they are shut off automatically, this simulates a power loss) for half an hour and war gunfire and artillery sounds are heard (through speakers). This lasts for 30 minutes. During this time candles are used (electric battery powered candles because real ones are a fire hazard) for lighting.

Don’t want to be far from the city either, you value a hostel that’s easy to find and centrally located? We are next to one of the most important tourist attractions and symbols of Sarajevo, the one and only Sarajevo Cable Car (starting station). We are literally next to it, once you exit the hostel you are standing at the starting point of the Cable Car which is located 2 minutes walking from the heart of the Old Town of Sarajevo (main tourist area), which means that we are extremely well located and just 2 minutes away from all main points of interest! The Cable Car was destroyed in the war, its rebuilt now and we will tell you about its war history once you arrive.

We do encourage you to explore Sarajevo, but your exploration of Sarajevo should come in 2nd place while the exploration of the War Hostel and everything we have designed for you should be your first priority. Don’t worry, we will give you all tips and answer all of your questions.
Do you care about keeping your personal things locked and secure? We have lockers for smaller things such as wallets, phones, cameras etc. But the lockers aren't just any lockers they are actually ammunition boxes from the war, clean and empty, with a strong padlock to keep your things safe and you will get your personal key to enter the War Hostel at any time you desire.

We don't have a kitchen, but we have a common room full of war artifacts, war newspapers and an amazing atmosphere. What we lack with the kitchen, we will make up for with our tips on where and what to eat, but not only the restaurants, we will tell you about the local food that people in Sarajevo eat daily in their homes (we will explain more once you arrive). We will teach you everything about what we used to eat during the war, what war recipes looked like and what MREs are and how to make one (optional).

Do you like to take part in different activities? The War Hostel has a lot of optional educational war survival activities and we organize each day our unique war tours. There's so much stuff to do that you'll never run out of options. We will show you a list of optional educational war things to do and it's up to you to decide what you want to do and how much you want to immerse yourself in the experience.

Do you want something different? Do you seek a memorable experience in your travels? Well, here is your chance to sleep in something like a time machine and meet the war survivors who will guide you through the experience. Where else can you do that?

This hostel is not a party hostel, but we don't mind an occasional drink with our guests. Our hostel is designed to be a unique learning experience for anyone who wants to learn about our history, while at the same time being a tribute to what we've been through. We have nothing to do with politics and we just want to show the world how we survived the war in Sarajevo through this educational project we call the War Hostel. We are not exclusive to travelers, we have had students with their teachers, locals who survived the war, people from the region, journalists, researchers etc. Our project is not tourism, but a special form of education. That’s something to bear in mind.

If all of this sounds interesting to you if you are ready to learn and experience something new and different we welcome you here! For now, we only have our 16 bed mixed dorm, so hurry up and book your spot here! See you soon at the War Hostel!

Thank you - 01

(Yes, 01 (Zero One) is my name. It's my father's war code name and I use it today as a tribute to him, but more on that once you arrive here).

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Thank you again for your welcome and explanations. If you are interested in learning more about the war, I highly recommend this hostel.
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Homme, 31-40
Great hostel ! If you like history and want first hand input on the war go there, the hostel his filled with interesting artefacts and newspapers and do one of the tour so worth it:) the familly is really nice n welcoming, thanks again for everything and good luck on your futur adventure :)
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Femme, 25-30
It is definitely the place you expect, very different. The rooms are simple, the newspaper articles are everywhere and it is interesting to read them. No place where to chill, the only real common area is the 'bunker' where you can watch some movies, and the kitchen is tiny tiny. I found the staff quite friendly even though not communicating much with the guests.
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Homme, 31-40

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