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Plan d’accès à Backpackers INSIDE

5 Sungkyunkwan-ro-4-gil, Jongrogu, Séoul, Corée du Sud

Carte & Plan d’accès


  • 89%Bon rapport qualité/prix
  • 91%Sécurité
  • 93%Emplacement
  • 95%Personnel
  • 89%Atmosphère
  • 87%Propreté
  • 85%Les facilités

[By Bus from Incheon Airport]
After leaving Customs and Immigration, find an Information desk and ask for directions to bus number 6011. It should be departing the airport from stop 5B or 12A.When the bus arrives, hand your luggage to the driver and tell him you are going to SungKyunKwan. He will give you a claim ticket for your luggage. The bus costs 10,000 won, which you can pay with cash or a T-Money card.
Aboard the bus, sit near the front and look for the 'Stop' button above your head. The bus only stops if someone pushes that button, so listen carefully for 'SungKyunKwan', and press the button when you hear it. The stop will be a little more than an hour away from the airport.
* If you get confused or think you have missed your stop, ask the driver: 'SungKyunKwan' He will hopefully speak English or be able to motion that the stop is farther ahead.
When you get off the bus, hand your claim ticket to the driver and collect your bags
Cross the five lane street, toward the Dunkin' Donuts.
Walk down the two-lane street, with the Dunkin' Donuts on your left and the Qook & Show on your right, for about 2 minutes (500 feet/150 meters).
* If you pass a University on your left, you've gone too far.
On your right, you will see a bakery named 'BBang Goom Teo' (that's not a typo). Turn right just before this bakery.
Walk less than a minute (100 feet/30 meters), and you will see our building on your left. Look for our yellow 'Inside' sign over the door.
Come up to the second floor and ring the doorbell. You have arrived!
* Take your shoes off when you come inside, Please.

[By Subway]
Way to Hyehwa Subway Exit no. 4.
You will see a Baskin Robbins as soon you come out of Hyehwa Subway Exit no. 4.
Turn left and go straight for about 200 meters (on the way you should see: a movie
theater CGV). Keep going to the end of the road where you will see a 'Family Mart' and 'Watsons beauty'. Look to your right across the street with a crosswalk, and you will see a Dunkin' Donuts. Cross the street and go through Dunkin' Donuts and T world !
Walk 3min and you will see a convenience store 'Buy the way' and turn right in front of BBang goom teo bakery.
You can find our sign 'Backpackers Inside'

[By Taxi] - Price : 70$ (approximately)
Tell a driver our address: '2F 112 Myeongryun 2ga, Jongrogu, Seoul Korea' Every taxi in Korea has a Navigation system in their car so it's easy for them to find us.
The last Airport bus time is 22:30, so if you miss the last airport bus, please call us so that we can help you.
Taxi price is more expensive between 24:00-4.00

[By car]
If you decide to hire a car, please let us know. We will mail you a map of how to reach us by car.